What The Foundation For Defense Of Democraices Has Achieved Discussed Here?

The Foundation for Defense of Democraices has and will always be an aggressive oppose of terrorism as well as those governments around the world, which violated the rights of its citizens. The entire think tank of the team consisting of bureaucrats and important servants of the government, have come together with a mission to eliminate terrorism from the face of the earth. It came into power within two days of the 9/11 attacks.

Unique organization

Not only does this foundation looks after the prevention of terrorism, but also any such activities which violates the rights of people of a democracy in any manner. Research as well as policy making gets combined here along with precision based investigation of war crimes being committed. If anything abnormal is detected, the team instantly swings into action and makes provisions to restore peace in the area.

Educating the youth

The Foundation for Defense of Democraices aims at educating the youths of USA as well as other unfortunate countries whose people have been treated unjustly. The youths in these areas need to be told that democracy is their right and you need to fight for it. Hence people get educated through the media as well as such classes conducted in colleges.

Many programs of Foundation for Defense of Democraices

Within the first five years of its formation, the FDD has conducted many programs in order to increase its reach to the people. They have highlighted the wrongs associated with terrorism and asked people not to stray into it. Influential speakers have been bought in to make the people understand the importance of this.

To fight against terrorism, different strategies need to be adopted. These strategies are often discussed with the concerned governments by the officials of Foundation for Defense of Democraices. In this manner the horrors of terrorist attacks can be prevented.