What is auto glass?

An auto glass is also known as windshield and it is used in automobile for safety. These glasses are different from regular glasses that people use as there crockery. This article is very useful for all readers to know about car glasses.

Types and quality of auto glasses

Few people know that auto glass Modesto are of two types first is laminated glass and other is tempered glass. Laminated glass used as windshield in automobiles that means front glass and tempered glass is used for automobiles side windows and back glass. The quality of tempered glass is it heated quickly also cold quickly because it goes through special process. Laminated glass is made from two glasses and thin layer of vinyl and heated in oven. Laminate glass and tempered glass is more powerful than regular glass. When someone give a strong punch or hit , the glass fall on ground but it doesn’t have sharp edge like normal glass. But in laminated glass get a strong hit or punch then the glass shatter and stay connected because of vinyl and doesn’t fall on ground. But when any of glass is break due to any cause then people replace it with new one because it’s risky while driving.


auto glass Modesto


Tips to clean windshield

Do u know auto glass Modesto,CAis one of the selling windshield in world. Car windshield is dirty then people have to clean it every week from both sides to get clear view when driving. Clean windshield in shadow not in sunlight because cleaner is fastly evaporated in sunlight and  use special windshield cleaner to clean windshield. One more tip is clean the wiper blade because it give better relation with glass and help in prevent streaking and smearing. Friends replace your old cracked wiper with new on to clean windshield smoothly.