Vaping as compared to smoking

The concept of smoking can now be seen as a threat hovering over the future of the world population where the habit of smoking is quite common. It is widely regarded as death equipment that distributes slow poison to the smoker and the smoker dies after degrading his body metabolism and organs. The evil of smoking is considered as really devastating for the mankind due to the scientifically proven facts that show how the smoking mechanisms destroy body.

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The leaves of tobacco that are dry and well crushed, are rolled inside a rice paper and burnt. The smoker inhales the smoke that reaches the lungs, where it mixes with the bloodstream which is the main function of the lungs. As the smoky tobacco compounds mixes with blood it reaches different body organs including the brain where the consequences of consumption may be seen when body degrades down. The lack of oxygen also allows incomplete combustion to take place within the cylindrical cigarette causing formation of carbon monoxide that when mixed with blood fluid can choke veins and can cause brain haemorrhage.

But when it comes down with the vaping, it may be a double faced coin in the hands of the user to use it in accordance of the mental decisions. The user, aware of health effects of smoking tobacco can switch to the vaping with herbs and other concentrates that are free from any nicotine product. The process thus leaves double impact to the user when the medicinal benefits of the herbs are inhaled in addition to serving the smoking interests of the vaper. There are several vaporisers available in the market that help the vaper to receive the benefits like e – cigarettepros firefly 2. For considering the same looking at the e – cigarettes firefly 2 reviews can be beneficial. Therefore it is wiser to vape than smoke.