Open Access Dove Press Journals Facilitates Research

Dove Press is a publisher of scientific and medical journals, which are open access and peer reviewed. They have their offices in the United Kingdom (London, Manchester), the United States (New Jersey, Princeton) and New Zealand (Auckland). Kevin Toale and Philip Smith are its executive directors.

Dove charges its authors or funders or institutions a publication fee. With this fee, Dove can recover the production and editorial cost. It also helps in pooling funds that can be used for waiving off the fees for authors who aren’t from the developed nations.

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What is open access?

The publication model known as Open Access is the where the articles or other resources are free to access. Neither the reader nor the institution of the reader is charged a fee for accessing. Dove Press publishes Open Access journals.

Papers published under a CC-BY-NC copyright licence can be read, downloaded, copied, distributed, printed or searched for free by users. All these can be done as long as it is done for non-commercial purpose. On the other hand, distribution, reproduction or adaptation papers published under CC-BY licence for commercial purposes without prior DMP consent.

How do open access journals help science?

The progress in science and medicine I made through the foundation of published research. Therefore, through open access journals, information is distributed in a wider manner, which results in more efficiency in science.

If you are a researcher and publish open access journal, anyone who has interest would be able to read it. This results into more impact of your journal, along with increased usage. Dove Press journals makes discoveries and ideas open to everyone. Be it an educator seeking some valuable information, a researcher wishing to formulate his hypothesis or simply a patient looking for health information, these journals are helpful to all.