Moti Feder, a diamond manufacturer creating history in the diamond market

Moti Ferder, the president, founder and philanthropist has recently started a firm called Lungano diamonds that is creating waves in the diamond and jewelry industry. This company is based in Israel and has started a first retain store in California. It has gained a huge prominence since day one. It is grabbing the attention of the diamond enthusiasts with its remarkable and timeless diamond designs. This company is into planning, designing, cutting and craving diamond jewelry. It also sells precious gemstones that are rarely found in the diamond market. This company has been named as the official diamond of the HITS desert circuit and HITS Ocala Winter Circuit in the year 2015. This company is providing top-notch jewelry and services to its global clients.

It has gained a huge reputation as a diamond manufacturer in a short span. This company sells rings, necklaces, cufflinks and other jewelry in its retail stores. Moti ferder, the founder has used his experience and knowledge to come up with unique jewelry designs. Wearing the remarkable piece of jewelry will let people to show off their wealth and status to the world. Lugano Salons gives a wonderful, inviting and warm experience for the diamond lovers to visit the diamond store again and again to shop for their favorite diamond jewelry.

In fact, these salons make the experience of the diamond lovers really pleasant and memorable. This company is involved in various stages of jewelry production, i.e. from gathering the right diamond stones to designing and marketing the jewelry in the diamond world. Moti Feder has started his career as a diamond craftsman from his young age and slowly has grown as the top diamond cutter and jewelry designer. His creative and one of its kind pieces of jewelry have earned him a huge reputation in the diamond market. Using his unparalleled industry experience, he has stared Lungano diamonds.