How do you conserve Energy in day to day life?

Where does Energy come from ?

Ever thought on where does energy come from. Especially the electrical energy that is kind of vital to our day to day life. To give you a basic idea electrical energy is derived from Nuclear plants, Thermal plants and other forms like HydroElectric plants. Most of them are not renewable sources and the day might come when we will be hunting for new energy sources.

How is Energy wasted ?

If you take a normal house, more than half of the time you will find one or the other appliance running without even anybody using it. Say for example, a television which runs in your hall though you are busy in your laptop. The other instance is lights not getting turned off in public places.

Domestic EPC

We all are not cautious enough or we would definitely not allow wastage of energy in this manner. It is estimated that close to thirty percentage of energy in the world is wasted by one form or the form without actually being used constructively.

How do we enforce Energy Conservation ?

Energy conservation has to be enforced right from households and that is why in UK we have something called EPC. EPC is nothing but Energy Performance Certificate.  It is an initiative aimed to rate large houses with rating scale based on the amount of energy consumed. This includes the devices you have, the gadgets you use, the heaters and boilers in your house etc. The idea is to lower the rating for high energy using houses, which will result in low EPC ratings. Also houses with bad EPC Certificate ratings have lesser value in the market. These type of initiatives should be followed and enforced in every country based on their local conditions. This will surely bring down the energy consumption level to a great extent.