Four simple steps to control panic situation

If you experience any frightening situation, you would prone to panic attacks. Though, there are medicines available to cure the panic attacks temporarily, but to get rid of this mental disorder, you  need to seek a doctor. You can visit here for more information. This person will suggest you with the right techniques that help you to control it completely. When a person is prone to panic attack, excess amount of adrenaline is released into the blood. And, a message of fear signal is sent to the adrenal glands saying that there is an emergency. This kind of emergency makes people feel highly tensed and anxious. Due to the panic attack, there are high chances of people getting prone to cardiac arrest. It is crucial for everyone to control their panic disorder symptoms to stay healthy. When adrenaline is released into the body, it causes heart to pump extra blood. When this blood is pumped into the muscles, it lets the muscles run and strengthen fast. More importantly, this extra blood is also passed to the brain to create an emergency situation.

The adrenal glands keep on receiving the emergency message, it keeps on producing more and more adrenal glands. When the brain stops to release emergency message, the adrenal glands are stopped from producing. Basically, this panic attack last only for a few minutes. More importantly, the adrenal glands take a few minutes to create emergency response. If you find a solution that can stop the panic attack as soon as it created, then the panicky situation last only for three minutes.


The best way to stop panic attack is to stop receiving emergency messages to your brain. This can be done by stopping the message to be sent to the adrenal glands. Here are a four simple steps that one has to follow to get control of panic situation

Relax: You need to relax by taking deep and long breath. You need to think that nothing will happen to you and you are just suffering with panic attack. You need to continue to take the breath until you stop the release of adrenaline glands.

Stop negative thoughts: You should not let the endless negative thoughts to take control and aggravate your panic attack. You need to replace frightening thoughts with calming ones.

Use coping statements: You need to utter positive words and stop the negative thoughts. You need to jot down the situations where you feel panic and try to use coping statements to control these situations.

Consider your feelings:  Basically, panic situation occurs due to fear. If you get panic, when you are giving a speech on the stage, then you need to take proper precautions to fight them. It is advised to go for regular medical checkup. You  need to influence your mind with positive thoughts and keep negative ones at bay.