Energy Performance Certificate –The Directive Principles ofEnergy Performance


The energy consumption of buildings accounts is nearly 50% of the overall energy consumed in UK. Therefore to make these buildings more energy efficient, the European Union(EU) enforced the Energy Performance of Building Directive. The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) is responsible for the complete execution of the EPC operation.

Scotland, Northern Ireland, UK and some other European countries are the member states of the European Union.

Energy Performance Certificate

The Requirements for Commissioning an EPC


  • Every property owner should make the EPCavailable at the time of building construction, renting, leasing or selling.


  • Huge or multi-storied buildings like schools, universities, hospitals, museumsowned by publicauthority, and where public presence is in high frequency, must acquire a display energy certificate.


  • If the air condition systems are above12kW, the energy assessor must regularly inspect and provide an ACIR(Air Condition Inspection Report)


  • The EPCis valid for a time span of 10 years. Hence, every 10 years the owner needs to revalidate the document.


  • The legal energy performance document can be made only through the accredited energy assessor who comes from the authorisedorganisation.

Other Important Facts

The small buildings which are used for agricultural purpose and where energy consumption is negligible do not require an EPC Certificate.

Buildings which are constructed for temporary use up to 2 years, and are subjected to demolition after that,do not need the energy performance document.



Energy Performance Certificate Register

  • The EPC register for domestic and non-domestic properties is separate. It is a place where all the relevant data is stored for future use.
  • The EPCs, DECs and ACIRs data for commercial (non-domestic) and public properties aremaintained by the Non-domestic Energy Performance Register.
  • The EPC data for residential buildings is maintainedby the Domestic Energy Performance Register.

Before availing Energy Performance Certificate, it is better to go to a trusted website for availing more information.