Car Vision Reaches Out to Community and Fulfills Corporate Social Responsibility

Any business has responsibility towards its economic, social and environmental factors. Businesses have given and take relationship with abovementioned factors. Businesses need support of these factors to sustain and grow and in return it is their moral duty to pay them back by fulfilling their corporate social responsibility. Let us discuss about an organization that is well aware about its social responsibility and reaches out to community as and when needed.

About Car Vision:

Car Vision is a dealership company dealing in used cars established around the year 2000 by team of Husband and wife Dean and Patricia Cafiero. From the lot of 20 cars to 50000 cars they have come a long way since then. Even after achieving lot of success they have not forgotten their moral duty of paying back to society in any way. Car Vision often shares a part of their profit by way of donation to the community. This is what makes any organization sustain and grow in the long run.

Car Vision and its community outreach:

Car Vision fulfilled their social responsibility in following ways:

  • Car Vision helped ACLAMO offices with security. ACLAMO is charity nonprofit organization where many female and children work from morning through evening. Thus they were in need of comprehensive security system including video camera security. Car Vision, that boasts of sophisticated security camera system and central station monitoring, immediately came to their help and fixed their problem by calling their security vendor and making installation complete in no time.
  • In another incidence where ACLAMO was having difficulty getting together resources to do their annual thanksgiving food giveaway and when they were running short of donations, again Car Vision came to their rescue. They donated 100 turkeys to ACLAMO; which was very much appreciated for their generosity.
  • When Christmas was around the corner, owners of Car Vision distributed 100 hams through ACLAMO to economically disadvantaged families and made Christmas special for many underprivileged families.
  • Car Vision is a proud supporter of Elmwood Park zoo. Like this, they indirectly support and appreciate conservation of wildlife and environment.