Buy Instagram Followers Is an Unethical Practice

Since the launch of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many more in the unexhaustive list there has been excessive use of these platforms for digital marketing through social media platforms that have been using the concept of followers, likes and comments to invite users of different social media networks. Traditional social media are used promote brands, market products, connecting to the existing customers and promoting new business. For a couple of years, paying for followers on social media websites was not an active activity, but in the recent time it has become a usual activity in the blogging world and the insiders have started proclaiming their buddies on the doubtful practice.

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Making use of social media followers

Businesses are making use of social media followers for the purpose of marketing. The practice of buying followers is being used by bloggers for years on Twitter and is now followed by the Instagram and this is more tempting for beginner bloggers and it is even more stronger for those who consider it so easy to buy followers with just few clicks and negligible cost. Everybody knows that this not a good ethic in a business, but who cares. They buy instagram followers, as many as they can because the followers are tools for popularity, competition and business promotion. They buy followers frequently and obviously the results are good. Your exposure increases through your active followers and this is good strategy.

An unethical practice

Bloggers are paid by the brands for increasing number of likes and following the performance which is not ethical in any manner as you know the followers are fake. Bloggers make use of fake numbers to make undeserved money in this business by providing counterfeited data. Bloggers take advantage of the services like buy Instagram followers to do this job. Don’t you think that this practice is deceiving the real active users of social media networks.