Annual credit report free to know your credit worthiness

At the present you can get your free annual report from the authorized website of United States of America to get a My Annual Free Credit Report. A credit report is one that includes all the credit related details belonging to the customer of that website.

www.annualcreditreport.comis a very user friendly website that requests its user with various information such as name, address and also social security number. Credit information such as credit limits, bank and credit account, balances and payment history. The companies would even review your report as well as collect public records such as bankruptcy.

About annual credit report free

The website www.AnnualCreditReport.comwas formulated due to one of the provisions of facta to protect the people of identity theft. A crime that is rising every year in USA. To solve this three companies Equifax, Experianas well asTransunion created a joint venture company to look after the amendment made.

This website was created for obtaining free credit report, but FTC (federal trade commission) warns its customer from fake websites trying to scam people into reveling their personal information.


Free Credit Report Annual


What is credit score?

A credit score means the credit worthiness of a person. Lenders such as banks and other companies would evaluate the risk involved of lending the money to the potential client. As a result of fact act every resident of USA. Is entitled to receive such copy of credit report.

Credit scored is determined by credit history that is record of debt payment by the borrower. It is a record of the client’s credit history from various sources. A credit score is the result of an algorithm applied to the credit history to determine the future of amount invested.

As a result to prevent any kind of discrepancies it is advisable to have an annual credit report check.