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Church Website Hosting!!?..

by Rebecca on March 17, 2014, no comments

Today Sunday I went to the church and talked to the guy who created the website and updates it frequently as I am always looking to network with fellow web designers and programmers and look for new jobs, and one thing that specially caught my attention was the they use a hosting provider that only focuses on church website hosting, at the beginning I couldn’t believe a company was focused only on hosting this small segment of the market but after searching about them and reading more online I’ve found out they are a part of a bigger company and they niche down just to help and service the church and word of god community.

Anyway thought this could interest someone as I’ve found it really odd.

Till next time

Whiteboard Video Coming for my Blog

by Rebecca on December 11, 2013, no comments

Great news!, I was contacted by a whiteboard animations company called and they offered to give me a free video as they are looking to expand their portfolio!, of course that I accepted and will post it to soon in my blogs homepage.

Here is the type of video that they create:


You can visit their site directly:

Finally Moved In!

by Rebecca on November 10, 2013, no comments

People who know me know that I’ve been building my house for a while now!, well…Its finally ready!, I can’t express how happy I am that I have my small place in the world and I can decorate it however I want!, I actually just ordered a few surfboard racks from California (see pic), they look amazing and will make my room look rustic and colorful with the surfboard, Will share new pics when I mount them on the wall and also when I have the rest of the furniture!.

Hawaiian Gun Rack for my Hous

Hawaiian Gun Rack for my Hous

Enjoy! XX

My latest diet experiment

by Rebecca on August 3, 2013, no comments

As a lot of people who know me are aware of , I’m in a long quest to find the perfect diet/eating habits and lose weight while maintaining a healthy lifestyle habit… I’ve tried everything from Veggie diets to the Paleo diet!.
Although I’ve found the Paleo diet really helpful to lose weight and burn body fat I was never really able to stick to it with all the tempting food my mum is cooking,she doesn’t support my diets because she says that I change type of diets to often so she just cooks normal food, meaning lots of carbs as we are used to here in America!

Of course I don’t listen to her and I try to cook for myself and keep watching online for new resource on diets and lifestyle habits, with that being said lately I found a diet invented by a girl named Christina Clark, she called it: “30 days to thin” program and its based on the thinspiration diet, she claims that she just learned and watched lots of different celebrities, which diets they follow and what results they’ve got and then she invented her own diet based on the notes she took, the results: it helped her to lose 68 pounds in 30 days!
Although I don’t see anywhere near results I do see the potential on the program she created, the main reason being I did lose some weight, the diet is easy to follow, and the diet basically allows you to eat a lot of different types of food so you never get bored (like with the Paleo diet)
You can read more about this new diet a here in Linda Andrews’s blog, that is where I’ve learned from it in the beginning.

Basically Linda on her personal blog shares the same opinion as me: she didn’t get the same results as the program states but she did learn a lot from it and was able to lose weight, so overall it really paid off.
Anyway, this was my first serious post, hope you liked it and please share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section, would love to know which diets are working for you right now?



- Rebecca


Hello world!

by Rebecca on June 14, 2013, no comments

Welcome to my personal blog and first post!, its funny I see this domain used to belong to a well known french artist that has the same name as myself lol, so if you were looking for her I recommend you to Google her she probably has a new site (I couldn’t find it) or visit her Wikipedia page here: , I’m here to blog about topics that interest me, mainly health, fitness and personal stuff happening on my life when iI feel like writing…

On this first post I will share some images and videos of the french artist Rebecca Bournigault as I see people are entering this site looking for her and not me :(



Abstracts by Rebecca Bournigault.

Abstracts by Rebecca Bournigault.